Monday, August 16, 2010

A Weekend of Seattle Firsts

Friday night I went boating on Lake Washington for the FIRST time this summer with Steve and his college friends. When Steve had his boat moored on Lake Union we'd head out a couple of times a week, but now that the boat is out of the water and we live a bit further south I don't get out nearly enough. After boating I met up with Jamie for my FIRST experience of Franks near U-Village. For Christmas this year, Megs and I bought P and J a gift certificate to Franks (per Jamie's advice) and they loved it, so it was only fitting that I test out a restaurant that I had purchased a gift certificate for. We had a great evening sitting outside enjoying Processco, great conversation and a delicious meal.

franks collage

Saturday morning I had a shoot at Parsons Garden on Queen Anne and this trip to the park was another FIRST for me. If you've never been to Parsons Garden, I highly recommend it. Beautiful grounds and a spectacular view of Puget Sound and Downtown. Later that afternoon, I had another shoot in Bellevue and then was off to Jamie's house to get ready for dinner and Brooke's birthday party. Cheryl met up with us and the three of us enjoyed an amazing dinner at Ravish (another FIRST) on Eastlake. LOVED the ambiance, decor, food (salmon sliders, pigs in a blanket, flank steak satay skewers), cocktails, waitstaff and location. If you're on Eastlake and feel like you've enjoyed one-too-many okay meals at Eastlake Bar and Grill and are in search of an excellent restaurant, be sure to check out Ravish, I promise you will not be disappointed




After dinner we went to Black Bottle for Brooke's 30th and you guessed it...this was my FIRST TIME to Black Bottle {Lesson learned, I need to get out more and experience new places in Seattle}. Brooke's boyfriend Andy, hosted the perfect party. Despite the no A/C in the private room, we had a great time celebrating with Brooke.

Months and months ago I bought the last two banana cards I could find and stashed them away for Brooke and Jackie's birthdays so we could relive Avery's laugh.until.we.cried.peed birthday card experience...this card will never get old.








While I was out enjoying a night on the town with the girls, Steve was at his 10 year highschool reunion at Pyramid...sometimes he makes me feel so old...but no matter what I still adore.

PS...currently on repeat...Ryan Adams 'Two' and Alice In Chains 'Nutshell'

music collage


Courtney, Nicholas and Charlotte said...

Great pics- what a fun-filled weekend!

Lyndsy said...

So cute! All of you girls look so pretty and beautiful! What a great weekend of firsts!

Brooke said...

FRANKly, you know a lot of RAVISHing people.

Ridic I know.

Brady Andrew Weedin said...

Looks like a blast! And yes, we will go up to Hyalite when you come! :)

The Sievers said...

Hey! You didn't happen to get that 30 crown from Lisa did you?!?!? If so, all of us (me, lisa, angie, soomee, and even matt) have worn it on our bdays! It's even been to Oregon and Nevada!!!

Tara Holmes said...

I love all your firsts! Makes Seattle living seem so fun! You all look so nice and sunkissed too btw~

The Johnsons said...

Fun fun! I need to try Frank's.

Kris said...

Those are some fabulous firsts!! I wish I could have done some of those with you! I've never been to Frank's, and I am obsessed with Ravish!!

Blyth Family Blog said...

Fun weekend! Love all the pics, you're my artistic friend:) Love you!

Avery Bleu said...

Fun weekend! Wish I could have come up for it.