Friday, August 13, 2010

There's a secret in Bellevue...

And I'm not sure if I want to share, but I'd feel a bit selfish if I didn't.

A brand new hot yoga studio { Hot Yoga, Inc. } has arrived in downtown Bellevue

If you grew tired of the horrible smell and cramped quarters at 'the other' hot yoga studio in Bellevue (like I did...errrrrr 2 years ago), then you're in luck! I did the power hot yoga class with Cheryl last night and LOVED it. I'm not gonna lie, it kicked my ass, but felt oh-so-good once we were finished. Cheryl and I considered indulging in frozen mojitos, as we did last Thursday (the nice weather screams happy hour), but quickly decided a work-out was a better idea. Unfortunately, I had left my gym bag at home, which meant racing after work to TJ Maxx and Target to buy a towel, mat, yoga pants, shirt and sports bra. Perfect - an entirely new wardrobe for my first day back! The instructor and studio were awesome. I purchased the 10 sessions for $10 so I'll definitely be back...maybe tomorrow with the master yogi, Marge.

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Brooke said...

Hot yoga is always so hot.