Tuesday, April 28, 2009

:: Northern California :: Part II ::

On Saturday morning we headed out from Menlo Park around 10am and continued on with our coastal town excursion and then up to San Francisco.

First Stop - Half Moon Bay. I had visited Half Moon Bay, years ago, with my family and besides for the beautiful coastline, my one memory was the big story in town at that time - Half Moon Bay School District had done away with homework with the hopes that children would spend more quality time with their families. I remember trying to convince my parents that moving to Half Moon Bay would be the best decision they could ever make. We never moved to this beautiful beach town and instead I continued to have homework assigned to me everyday.


Half Moon Bay - Poplar Beach




This coffee shop was next door to the place where we ate brunch - thought the sign was cute and reminded me of my sister


View of the Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach

After driving through Pacifica, Daly City, Lincoln Park and the Sea Cliff neighborhood {some of the most beautiful homes with the most magnificent views} , we arrived at Baker Beach and took quite a few photos. It was pretty chilly with the wind, but well worth he stop.


Just a couple fun shots in the old bunkers at Baker Beach



California's ever so popular {and my personal favorite} burger joint


I love the variety of colors that the apartments have been painted


Next stop - Lombard Street {crookedest street in the US}, Fisherman's Wharf, Ghirardelli Square and Coit Tower. Lots of walking around and less time in the car was exactly what we needed.

wharf collage

coit collage

Coit Tower :: View of Alcatraz

Saturday evening we enjoyed time catching up with Laura and BBQ'ing in her adorable "back yard."


MegRyan said...

What a fun trip and such beautiful photos! Good work Rina's!

The Sievers said...

Love love love the kissy shots!!!

The Petyos said...

Looks like you guys had a great trip and covered a lot of ground! Great pictures!!

Michelle said...

I LOVE your pics!!! What a beautiful long weekend you had!