Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Tissue Please...

Apologies in advance to those who work near me - don't worry I haven't stuck my hand in the communal M&M jar this week - ewwww. At least once a year (usually in March or April) I get a horrible head cold/sinus infection. I felt this cold coming on this weekend and did NOTHING about it...a huge regret, as I am currently miserable. I have the urge to claw my eyes out because the irritation and itchiness, but I'll refrain. I feel like I've gone through enough Kleenex to last an individual an entire year and I think my co-workers are just about fed up with my (loud) sneezing. However, I refuse to take a day of from work due to illness because I'd rather use those days to play (i.e. next Friday in San Francisco), maybe that's a bit selfish, but it's the truth.


••• Lesson Learned •••

Next time I feel a cold coming on, I will take Wellness Formula pills immediately. My friend Carrie has been taking Wellness Formula for a while now and swears by these magical wonders. You can take them as a preventative step to contacting a cold virus or as a healing method to rid of you of the cold. I picked up my first bottle at Whole Foods, but found through a bit of research that you can pick them up significantly cheaper on Amazon or VitaminShoppe

Best of luck to each of you on avoiding the cold/flu this season.


Tara Holmes said...

Oh no! Please feel better. Justin swears by the Emergen-C at Trader Joes, etc. too for the cold coming on. I NEVER take sick days either, hate to. Love you so so much, thank you again for your sweet gift for baby boy.

aimee heff said...

Sorry you are sick. I hate that. When I got sick earlier this year I only was able to survive with the Mucinex nasal spray. I know nasal spray sounds very strange but it allowed me to continue breathing in the day and through the night.

Good luck getting better and thanks for the tip on the Wellness pills. I'll have to check those out.