Saturday, April 18, 2009

:: Birthday Girl ::

Today, for Jamie's birthday, we went on a little photoshoot adventure through Georgetown. I have never explored Georgetown before and was anxious to find a fun industrial location for a photoshoot. This neighborhood is the ideal location for bright colors and funky buildings.

DSC_0517edit copy

Before we set out to explore the streets of Georgetown, we enjoyed amazing sandwiches from Jamie's favorite sandy shop, Smarty Pants - I'm officially hooked!





Being that Jamie is the Cupcake Queen, we had to get a photo with her favorite treat.


Unlike the babies that I usually shoot, Jamie was the perfect model - no crying, no sleeping and no wetting herself - ha! Happy Birthday Girl and can't wait to continue the celebrating later on tonight in Ballard. Thanks for spending the day with me!

The flower vendors at Pike Place Market have the most beautiful tulips right now - I had to snap this shot real quick since we were fortunate enough to score a front row parking spot.



Matt and Teresa said...

Happy Birthday James! Can't wait to see you girls at breakfast.

Blyth Family Blog said...

I love that you do senior portraits now...(literally, SENIOR!)Maybe you can do my grandma next. ha, happy birthday James. The photos are beautiful, what a fun day!!

Courtney and Nicholas said...

Love the photo shoot....first one is my fav!

Lynne said...

Such great pics.

Lyndsy said...

So cute! Jamie really is a perfect model! These turned out great and agreed about the tulips! Gorgeous!

Jamieofalltrades said...

Such good pics! Thanks for taking them, so much fun. The cupcake was good too. :) XO