Friday, May 22, 2009

{ Three-Day } Weekend

Tomorrow morning { bright & early } we are heading off into the great wide open - thank you Tom Petty for this classic favorite - and heading east on I-90. Not sure how far east we're going, but far enough:

a) for HOT weather :: need to prepare for the heat of Palm Springs next weekend

b) to find the perfect camp spot for our cozy little trailer

b) preferably near water, as I'm hoping we can put the kayaks to use

The original plan was Lake Wenatchee, but it's considering Soap Lake, Banks Lake, somewhere along the Columbia River. Knowing my husband, we could easily end up somewhere way off the beaten path...we may end up near Pullman.
Do you have a favorite or secret camping spot? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Perhaps Steve and I will re-create the cover of this old novel. However, I will not be wearing a slinky robe and Steve will not be in slacks, shirt and tie.
Is a "Trailer Tramp" similar to "Trailer Trash"?

trailer park

With whatever your plans may be, have an excellent and safe weekend.


Kris said...

OMG, please please recreate that cover!! It would make me sooo happy.

Michelle and I went camping at Soap Lake once, and it was great - I think it also fills up pretty quickly though. Maybe you should bring that Trailer Trash over to Walla?! We don't have a lake, but we have WINE!! And... it will be hot! And... I'll be there, duh!

The Voice of Soap Lake said...

I live on Soap Lake and can see across to the public camp ground. There appears to be quite a few spaces available.