Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend { recap }

Friday night was spent cleaning out the trailer and preparing for our weekend road-trip. With the hopes of avoiding the horrible traffic that weekend travelers experienced on I-90 heading east on Friday night, we left the house around 11am Saturday morning and had zero traffic issues. We honestly started this journey having no clue of where we might be parking the trailer that night. Well, I take that back, we had some clues - Central/Eastern Washington, but didn't know exactly where the trailer would lead us or I guess where we would lead the trailer.

Long story short, we drove to Potholes State Park and immediately did not get the feeling that this was our ideal location for camping, maybe with a lot of friends and boat, but for the two of us, it wasn't our type of camping spot. From there we headed west and stopped in for a visit and dinner with some relatives in Wenatchee. Then, after almost 350 miles and around 9pm we arrived at our final destination - Manson (just outside of Chelan), parked in the driveway of the house our friends had rented for the weekend and finally relaxed.

On Saturday, Steve and I visited for a while with his aunt and uncle that live on Lake Chelan, then had a late lunch at one of my favorite Chelan wineries, Vin du Lac and later enjoyed some time at the pool at our "camp site." Saturday night with all of the friends was a blast, we BBQ'ed, played a few games and caught up.


Sunday morning, we packed up the trailer and headed home around 8:30am to avoid the weekend travelers heading back to the westside. We made it home just in time to meet our friends, the Kocher's, at their boat on Lake Union so we spent the remainder of the afternoon, along with Jamie and Michelle, cruising and relaxing on Lake Washington. All in all, my weekend was PERFECT and just the way I had hoped it would turn out.

Unfortunately, during this little tour of the state, I hardly snapped any photos along the way - wish I had now.

Lesson learned :: If we plan on camping next Memorial Day Weekend, we'll definitely make reservations (beforehand) at one of the state parks.

A HUGE thank you to the Kalamakis', Gies', Bunyards, Partridges, soon-to-be Easterlins, Margie, Kristi and Devin for allowing the Rinabargers to crash your weekend - we had an awesome time!


Jen Lee said...

Hey Erin- thanks for the blog comment. By the looks of your pictures I'm going to have to hire you to take some of my little guy! They are fantastic! We are renting a place in Manson in a couple of weeks-- I'll have to check out that winery you mentioned!

Lynne said...

So glad you were able to join us for the weekend!

Lyndsy said...

Cute pic! What a crazy, adventurous weekend you had! Hope you are ready for another!

Mandy Kay said...

GREAT photo! You girls are so pretty!