Monday, May 4, 2009

Addison :: 18 Months

DSC_0024edit vintage

I never would have guessed that the words "excuse me" could get a little girl to laugh harder than I've ever seen. I'm personally not a fan of asking a kid to say "cheese" because it's just not natural - in my mind. So, Megan quickly told me that Addi loves when you say "excuse me" to her. It's a little something that Addi's grandma says to her and it gets her rolling everytime - as proof is shown in these photos.
I had a great Saturday morning spent with Megan and Addi at the park and at Pike Place. Addi definitely enjoyed the market as it gave her a bit of a stage to perform - she's the type of child that loves to mingle with anyone that glaces in her direction and always get a rise out of people around her. I just love this girl.






Michelle said...

I love these!!! Great job Coffey! Although your perfect models probably made your job much easier...SUCH cute pics!

MegRyan said...

Thank you friend! They turned out great and showed Addi's personality so well! I can't wait until the next time...maybe it won't rain! Thanks are so very talented! xoxo

The Johnsons said...

These are great!! I love that Addi can now have a bow in her hair. . so CUTE!!

Matt and Teresa said...

That first picture could not be any cuter! You do such great work!

Stacie said...

She's such a perfect little model :) Great pics, as always!! Xo

Lyndsy said...

The one of her in the hoodie is just too cute! What a sweetie pie!

Blyth Family Blog said...

These are beautiful!! You're lucky you didn't have to bribe her with candy like we did with Ava!!
Good job!!

DeLane & Kevin said...

WOW!!! You have tuned into quite the photogrpaher friend! I love these photos, especially the one with her sitting against the brick:)