Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First Cousin { Once Removed } 8 Months

My cousin Matt, his wife Lisa and Paul were in Wenatchee this weekend from Washington DC visiting Lisa's parents. During the random tour of Central and Eastern Washington that Steve and I were enjoying on Saturday (more on that later), we decided to take a pit-stop at Lisa's parents house to catch up with the Fitch and Weiser (mostly Paul) families since we hadn't seen them since our wedding in Maui and enjoy some beers and dinner. Paul was perfect for this completely impromptu 15 minute photoshoot - check out those gorgeous eyes and long lashes.





DSC_0067edit copy


MegRyan said...

What a cutie! I love the last pic! Great photos as always! Can't wait to see what else you did on your tour of Washington!

Dawn said...

Thanks, Erin. These are great pictures.


The Sievers said...

Those are so good of little Paul, way to go!!! Can't wait for August!

Stacie said...

WHAT a doll!!!! :)

Blyth Family Blog said...