Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Must Haves...Baby Edition Part 2

Here are a few more items that I just had to share with all of you soon-to-be mama's. I've been thinking about items that I use on a daily basis and figured these might come in handy for a few of you out there.




1. Moby Wrap: This wrap is the perfect way to carry and child that sometimes just doesn't want to be put down. I've gone on walks, worked around the house and on the computer while carrying Raleigh in the Moby. I bought mine at Babies-R-Us, but they're available at most maturnity/children's stores.

2. Diaper Champ: Some people swear by the Diaper Genie, which I've never used, but I'd swear by the Diaper Champ. The main reason being that you can use normal garbage bags (ie the Kirkland bags from Costco for cheap) rather than having to buy the Diaper Genie specific bags.

3. HALO SleepSack: I received a HALO SleepSack as a gift from a girlfriend and also received a free one, embroided, from the hospital. Oh from the hospital? Nothing is free...not even the tiny bottle of Johnson n Johnson shampoo I took home - can't wait to see the charge for that. Ok, enough of my complaining...we don't swaddle Raleigh during the day, but at night he will break out of it in two seconds, no matter how tight we wrap him up so this SleepSack is perfect for our strong guy. You zip them up and then velcro them in - the best part is that the zipper goes from the top to the bottom so when I change him in the middle of the night, I don't have to take him completely out of the swaddle.

4. Day & Night Light Musical Mirror: I had a rental car for a couple of days last week and didn't bother to transfer this mirror over and hated not being able to see my guy in the rearview mirror. This is a must have for your primary car. The music doesn't seem to do much now, but the light has come in handy a couple of times.

5. Lorex - Live Snap Video Baby Monitor: We received this monitor as a gift from my in-laws and absolutely love it. It's wireless, has night vision and is incredibly easy to use. My mother-in-law bought it in the electronics section at Costco (not sure if they still carry it) after Steve read some reviews on it and suggested it as gift. I don't have much additional knowledge on monitors, as Steve did all of the research on this, but from what he found the Lorex was the best one out there for the best price.

6. BOB Stroller: Ok, so this is the only stroller I've ever used (so far), but I will say that it is hands down the best stroller on the market. I use this stroller every single day to go on walks or to go shopping. I love how easy it is to maneuver, fold up and get in and out of the car. Our two car-seats attach to it perfectly with the car seat adaptor.

7. Dr. Brown's Bottles: So, I realize in my last 'Must Haves' list I mentioned the Playtex Drop-Ins, but since that post we have switched to the Dr. Brown's bottles and think they're even better. They're a bit on the pricey side, but worth it. They help reduce gas, collic, burping and spit-up.


Lynne said...

Love this post! Going to get some of this stuff asap. Any more advice you have please keep it coming.

morganbors said...

Thanks for the tips Beta, love it!

Tara Holmes said...

I also swear by the diaper champ, dr. brown's bottles (you'll feel like you've been cleaning all those parts constantly for the next year), and the BOB of course!!! Love it!

The Johnsons said...

Bob and Dr. Brown are awesome. I am surprised you have not added any kind of liquor to your posts!