Thursday, June 23, 2011

Catching Up

Prior to my maternity leave, I remember thinking that I'd have all the time in the world to work on projects around the house, etc. Little did I know how much of my time my little boy would would really take up. I'm not complaining as I love spending every day with him, but instead of getting stuff done around the house we head out on the town, exploring the city and meeting up with friends.

University Village aka The Mecca of Mothers and Children

I have been to U.Village more in the past two months than I have in the past year. The Village is a good meeting spot with great shopping and lunch options and apparently I'm not the only one that feels this way considering I've run in to quite a few people I know and quite a few people that I feel like I know, but I really don't...I just read their blogs. I met up with Megs and Brady last week and we ended up having to change the boys in the back of my car in the parking lot.

Lunch Dates

This week has been the week of lunch dates. Tuesday at Red Robin where Raleigh met his new friend Declan who is 3 weeks younger than him. Wednesday at MOD Pizza with a co-worker of mine and today at Nordstrom Cafe downtown with Lynne (baby boy P in utero), Tara and Jackson. After lunch, we took a few photos of Raleigh and Jackson on the random Nordstrom bed display. Maybe it was the setting, but Jackson snuck a kiss and Raleigh seemed a bit confused - it was pretty cute.


My friend Kim and her boyfriend Zach flew out from Chicago and stayed with us for a few days. Kim grew up in Seattle and Zach had never been here before so they spent the days touring the sites (Raleigh and I joined for a few excursions) and spending time with us. We had a great time having them out and look forward to their next visit.

My cousin Mike and his wife Shannon were in town from Vegas so they stopped by to meet their newest relative. I have a feeling Shannon is a bit smitten by her new "nephew."

Raleigh also met Kevin and Stacie for the first time this week, but unfortunately I didn't get a picture of them together. We love when the Mullins come to town from Boston...especially when they come for 10 DAYS!

Summer Soltice

As most Seattlites are aware, Summer is here...sort of. We have one 80 degree day and the next day the temps fall to the low 60s. I'm really hoping that with the true arrival of Summer (according to the calendar), that the sun will stick around a bit more. Raleigh and I spent the first official day of summer enjoying a BBQ at my parents house with some of our family friends while Steve enjoyed a night of sailing on Lake Union for Duck Dodge.

Upcoming Travel

Two weeks from today, Raleigh will be taking his first plane ride down (with me...can you imagine if I put him on the plane alone? I'm sure it's been done by some crazy parents) to LA to visit my girlfriends. We'll be flying down with Cabe and Easton and staying with the lovely L.Spry in Santa Monica.  Spry even told me that she "wants to be Raleigh's mom for one day" so I will absolutely be taking her up on this offer and will allow her to do all of the duties that I do on a daily basis.  I have no concern at all as I know Spry will make one fabulous mama one day.

RinaCamper Part II

So, it's been just around three weeks since we sold the original RinaCamper and Steve has already bought her replacement. This 23 ft, 1976 Ideal Travel Trailer is in such great condition it blows our mind. It's over 30 years old and has such great potential...once we're finished Couging it out, it will be better than it's predecessor. I mean, for starters, it has a BATHROOM!!

Hand Sucking and Napping

Raleigh has taken a liking to sucking the back of his left hand. He's tried his thumb but has a tough time keeping it in so he's moved on to the back of his left hand and I love it (does this mean he's a lefty?). I also love the way he'll situate himself in the most comfortable of positions on his stomach (don't worry Mom's, I'd never leave him alone on his stomach) and take extra long naps.


Courtney said...

What great pics! And aahhhhhh, what a fun trip for you and Cabe and the kiddos to go see Spry! Oh how I long to be a summer sister again....Niiiiick.... :) teasing!

Jen said...

Love the pics, esp of Jackson and Raleigh-can you believe one day he will be that big?! You are such a busy new Mom, good for you! Enjoy your travels and your much needed day break x

The Johnsons said...

Wow - busy Mama! Good for you for enjoying your maternity leave and spending time with family and friends. Love all the pics. Raleigh is getting so big!!

Jaclyn Z. Reiss said...

Raleigh in tiny denim is killing me. OH I LOVE HIM! Gorgeous pics as always! I think you, Spry and Cabe should roadtrip to Ohio. Just sayin.

Lspry said...

So excited for your visit!! We are going to have so much fun. Court and Jackie, you are welcome ANYTIME!

DeLane, Kevin & Parker Lilly said... much fun!!! So when can we get in on the social calendar?? I think Raleigh is the busiest baby I know!!

Tara Holmes said...

I LOVE the pics of Raleigh and Jackson! Raleigh is the cutest! Thank you for making it work to meet us for lunch.