Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Dad's Day

There are so many amazing Dad's out there in the world, but I have to say that the three best Dad's I know are my Dad, my father-in-law and my husband. This year was extra special because my adorable husband was added to the list. And by adorable, I mean he has just gotten cuter and more handsome in my eyes since becoming a daddy. Fatherhood seems to work really well on Steve.

Steve - As we both know, Raleigh seems to be on the verge of talking and has become quite the chatterbox. Well, last night before we went to bed and you two were chatting, I'm pretty sure I heard "I love you Dad." You may have mistaken that for any other coo or smile, but I'm 98% sure the huge smile on his face as he stared at your face was that exact statement. Thank you for agreeing to go on this wild adventure called parenthood with me and thank you a million times over for being Raleigh's daddy - I wouldn't want it any other way.

We've been pretty busy this past week with friends in town, sightseeing, visiting family, a baby shower and an engagement party so we spent Father's Day doing exactly what Steve wanted - a relaxing day at Harstine Island with his mom, dad and brother.

FD-4 copy

Sometimes, he just gets tired of having his photo taken. Unfortunately, he should probably get used to it because this is how things will be for most of his life.

FD-2 copy

FD-5 copy

FD-1 copy

Grandpa Mike with his favorite boys


Here are some photos from the Bainbridge Island ferry on Friday. Being outside, feeling the fresh air on his face, seems to be one of Raleigh's very favorite things in the world. So, the breeze on the ferry deck made our boy quite content.

FD-3 copy






I've been able to get so much done today because this is what my sweet boy has been doing for the past 2 hours...



Lspry said...

Change your flight and bring that sweet baby here now! I hope he sleeps that well at Casa de Spry. It could make for a long 4 nights!

Jen said...

Great pics, love seeing R change and grow and look forward to many more!

Brady Andrew Weedin said...

Coff he is looking more and more like Steve to me!! He's just precious!