Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2 Months

Today my sweet boy turns 2 Months Old! Once again, I'm left wondering where the time has gone since April 28. The two of us have spent almost every single hour of the 1,440 hours of his life together and I have learned more about love during that time than I ever could have imagined. The most important thing I've learned is that there was a place in my heart that was saved specifically for this boy of mine and it makes me an extremely happy mama.

Here are just a few things that I love about Raleigh, at this very moment...
  • I love the way he coos and smiles especially in the morning and before he goes to bed.
  • I love the way his tiny little arms look in his pj's.
  • I love the way he prefers to cuddle with his burp cloths than with any of his blankies
  • I love the way he stretches (and the noises that come along with it) after a nap and first thing in the morning.
  • I love his ginger hair.
  • I love the way my parents and my in-laws love on him.
  • I love the afternoons when we sit outside on the deck and I read my book while he lays next to me completely mesmorized by the the clouds and trees.
  • I love when I change his diapers and sing crazy, made up tunes to him, he laughs and smiles. In other words, he's impressed with my singing...unlike anyone else in the entire world. Well, except for my 5th grade music teacher who asked me to be in choir, but I think he may have truly been out of his mind.
  • I love to think that he knows Steve and I are an important part of his life...just by the way he looks at us.
This morning we (I say we because I felt like I was going in for shots with the anxiety I was feeling) had his 2 month check up and according to our pediatrician (whom we absolutely love), his measurements are "boringly average." Thankfully, they only took his measurements and weren't doing a personality test, otherwise we'd be concerned. 

Length: 22 3/4 inches = 50% for his age

Weight: 11 lbs 7.5 oz = 50% for his age

Head Cir: 16 1/4 inches = 75% for his age

He survived (and so did I) the 2 month shots and now we're spending the day at home relaxing before it's time to head out and meet his 94 year old great-grandpa tonight. I was worried what the side effects would be from the shots, but from the look on his face in this photo that I just took, I think he's holding up pretty well.

I attempted to capture his cooing this morning on video and unfortunately didn't have much luck, but figured I'd post was I was able to get. I've never posted a video before so this may become a common occurence.


morganbors said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this video! He is so cute, I wish I could come up and meet him!! Happy 2 months to Raleigh!

WoolMonkey said...

oh, he's lost his newborn look. Such a handsome kiddo.

PS. for us, it's always the day after shots that are miserable. The day of they don't seem to have kicked in yet.

Brady Andrew Weedin said...

This is such a sweet post about your little boy--I love his video--he's getting so darn big!

Blyth Family Blog said...

How did he get so big??? I see you all over that face in the first pic. What happened to my little teener babe??? He's becoming a man before my eyes :)
Love you!

Mrs. Bunyard said...

Oh. my. goodness! He is absolute perfection- and SO much bigger than he was just a few weeks ago. Glad to hear his shots went well!

Koning said...

Just wrote the SAME post. We also had the shots today. Poor Liam doesn't seem to be fairing as well as Raleigh. We have had some tears and no sleep since coming home. I HATE SHOT VISITS.

mcoffey311@gmail.com said...

I LOVE my nephew and I think he is the most adorable baby in the world, ya I'm biased :) Can't wait to see the little babe in a bit!

DeLane, Kevin & Parker Lilly said...

MAN...he is SO CUTE Erin!!!! You should be a very proud mamma:) xxoo

Joan Cocanour said...

The video is excellent! I hope we see more! It is so fun! He has the brightest eyes. GG , my Mom, would have loved his eyes!

Megan, Ryan, Addi & Brady said...

Your boy is definitely becoming more baby and less infant by the day! He always has the brightest eyes! The shots stink, but you will get through the aftermath in no time! Happy 2 months!

Kris said...

Oh my gosh what adorable pictures of your little boy. I can't wait to get my hands on him in a couple weeks - I am just dying to meet him. Happy 2 months Raleigh!

Lindsay said...

such a sweet face!

Lyndsy said...

So stinking cute! I cannot wait to see him this week!!!