Friday, July 23, 2010

Spry is Goin' Back to Cali...

And it makes a lot of us girls in Seattle sad...

We're excited for Spry and her new adventure, but sad that we won't get our Lisa/LSpry/LBS/Spry/LisaBethSpry fix whenever we'd like. Therefore, as with any going away for a dear friend, we have spent many days and nights (without actually moving in with her) reminiscing about our fun times and dreaming about what lies ahead in SoCal for our amazing friend.

socal girls

SoCal dinners aren't going to be the same without you

Spry - 2

BBQ last Sunday

Ms game - 2

M's game on Tuesday - Grout, Lauren, Spry, Me and Leslie

Ms game - 3

I was really excited to see Griffey...hadn't been to a game in a while

Spry - 3

Drinks at Jimmys after the game

Spry - 5

Spry - 4

Spry - 6

spry - 8

Going away dinner at Rothie's (we normally wouldn't pose around Roth lounging in a chair, but the expecting momma has been put on bedrest)

spry baby

Hopefully, the babies aren't all grown up by the time you come back to visit next

spry - 7

spry - 9

Spry - as you've shared with all of us, we know you have a spare bedroom in your apt in Santa Monica, and don't think that we won't take FULL advantage of this. We'll miss you so much, but we all know that these four fabulous girls (Christy, Avery, Lori and Lynds) are anxiously awaiting your arrival.

spry - so cal


Lspry said...

Thanks for the sweet post friend!!! I'm going to miss you so much, but know you will visit. Plus, I'm going to come home at least every other month :)

Marge said...

I copied you coff and had to do an lspry post too! Shes just too special ;)

The Burrells said...

We'll miss you Spry! I know you're going to miss our walks around Greenlake with Jake screaming his head off :)

Lyndsy said...

Cuteness! Don't worry! The Cali girls will take very good care of our LSpry :) Really cute pictures and sweet post!

Megan, Ryan & Addi said...

Such a sweet post! Good luck Spry! Oh and, Erin, I love the pic of you and Griffey!

Kris said...

We are going to miss you Spry!!!