Monday, July 12, 2010

Krissy's 30th Birthday...Duck Dodge Style

Last Tuesday, Kris turned 30 on her favorite day of the week - Duck Dodge Tuesday, so of course, this meant that one of her few parties would be celebrated out on Lake Union and the theme for that week would be 80's. Rather than participating in the race on one of the sailboats, we enjoyed watching the race from the luxurious Committee Boat (since Kris is part of the committee). I used to participate in Duck Dodge a few times a season on Steve's sailboat, Knot Perfect, but since moving to Kent and getting too old for the late Tuesday drinkfest in the usual rain, I hadn't been out in quite a while. I truly am a fair weather sailor, but for Krissy, of course I'd go out. At the end of the races, most of the boats raft-up to the committee boat. Steve was on one of the end boats (about 10 down from us), so he jumped over the boats and stopped by for a JOAT cupcake and to say happy birthday.






DeLane & Kevin & Parker Lilly said...

Cute!!!! great pics as usual;)

Kris said...

Awe, such great pics! I am so happy that you came out to celebrate with me! After yesterday, I know that you making it to a weeknight Seattle event is not an easy task! :)