Monday, March 23, 2009

Sisterly { Love }

You probably wouldn't guess that these two were sisters, but they are and they adore one another. Katie's step-mom and Hayden's biological mom is my good friend and {Pi Phi} big-sis Lexi. I took photos of Hayden a few months back and Lexi immediately decided that once Katie came home for spring break from WSU that I would take photos of them together. The weather wasn't perfect {a bit chilly}, but it lasted long enough to capture some fun photos of these two.






bike collage

I'm in love with this Schwinn Roadster and can think of quite a few toddlers that need one just like this! It was the perfect prop for this shoot - I wonder if tricycles as cute as this come in adult sizes?


Blyth Family Blog said...

Oh you're getting so good friend! Love them!

Courtney and Nicholas said...

I'm in love with that little bike!!

Stacie said...

I need that bike!!!! :)
Great pics Coff, love that they're sisters!