Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Little Bit of Sun...

Made the people of Seattle VERY happy yesterday

I swear the sun comes out (for the first day in 2011) and people come out of hibernation and decide it's time for shorts, tanks and flip flops - not sure if that attire is necessar in 65 degree temps, but whatever makes you happy. Along with the sun, comes a lot of happy people with smiles on their faces. The sun in Seattle just has a way with the locals unlike any other city...maybe you'd have to be a local to completely understand it, but it's a great feeling. I hoped the sun might entice my son to join us, but that was not the case - he's still enjoying his carefree life nuzzled directly under my rib cage and has given me zero direction as to when he'd like to join us.

The weather made for the perfect day to have a bridal shower with friends to celebrate our dear friend Diggy's wedding. Congratulations Diggy and Ryan! We can't wait to celebrate with you at Aldberbrook in July!


Here are a few things I've had on my mind lately...usually around 4am after I've struggled to get out of bed for the 3rd time of the night to go to the bathroom and have the toughest time getting back to sleep:

  • My love affair with ice cream MUST come to an end sometime in the the next week.
  • In the last month I've become HOOKED on shows about jail..Lockup Raw being my favorite...yes, I'm weird.
  • Less than a week from now, I will be a mama.
  • I want Tina Fey to be my celebrity best friend. I bought her new book Bossypants yesterday at Costco (BTW - excellent prices on books, but you probably already knew that) and am already halfway finished - she is one amazing writer and woman.
  • Our yard is in complete shambles. Steve decided a week ago that our lawn wasn't quite up to par. Therefore, every night after work this week and most of the weekend has been spent on the tractor, tilling, laying a "miracle fertilizer", planting new grass seed and working on the garden...he loves this kind of stuff and I feel like I'm married to a farmer.
  • I've always liked a clean house, but this "baby nesting" phase has taken my cleanliness to a whole new level. I clean and do laundry thinking that that day or the next just might be the day my baby arrives...this has been going on for a month now.


Megan, Ryan & Addi said...

Love.The.Sunshine. RJR should have totally come out yesterday--he may not see the sun again until he is 2 months old.

Love your crazy obsession with weird shows (people).

If you run out of things to clean at your house, you can come to my house.

I am so incredibly thrilled for this week! You're gonna be a Momma! Love you!

Coug Gal said...

Only locals can appreciate those glimpses of sun! :) You are looking so wonderful, Erin!

morganbors said...

I love Tina too and want to be friends with her, I am going to get that book! Maybe all that ice cream is why he wants to stay in, ha ha! Have you seen the jail show on Oprah's Channel OWN? Its really good. Love you Beta, hang in there!
P.S. I wish the sun would come back simply because I Can no longer zip up any of my rain coats :-(

Lyndsy said...

Glad you got a little sunshine this weekend and so excited for you to be a mom this week! EEKS!!

I am loving that you are addicted to Jail shows...what a weirdo!! Although I do kind of love the show Gangland...