Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy "Due Date" RJR!

Well, the day has arrived, and from the results of my doctors appointment this morning (1cm dilated and 20% effaced), it doesn't sound like our boy will be making his debut today. I'm assuming he's just be a bit too comfortable, which is not comfortble for his mama and is making his parents more anxious than ever. If nothing happens this weekend, I have an appointment scheduled for Monday morning and my doctor will induce next Thursday.

In honor and celebration of this day that we've been counting down for over nine months now, I made cupcakes to share with my co-workers. They all think I've completely lost my mind and don't understand what I'm still doing at work, but to be honest, I'd rather stay busy than sit around the house. I mean I can only rearrange the nursery, do laundry, vacuum and clean so many times a day.

Happy Due Date Raleigh! Your Grandparents would love for you to arrive before Easter so you can celebrate with us, but we're fine with you staying put for as long as you feel necessary.

Steve and I haven't had a photo together in months so we took one this morning before we left the house...maybe not the best idea...this photo is deceiving...we look miserable and appear to be half awake, but I promise we are the most excited we've ever been in our lives.


Aimee said...

Come out little guy! Don't get too comfortable in there.

That could possibly be the last picture taken of the two of you pre-baby. Crazy!

Good luck on the last stretch. Parenthood is just waiting for you right around the corner.

Matt and Teresa said...

I would love to see you Saturday at Diggy's shower...maybe Raleigh could wait two more days?

Blyth Family Blog said...

The sailor looks like he's been lost @ sea for a few months in that pic, a lil posessive of that belly. Ha! Maybe you should post the pic you just texted me tomorrow, in honor of RJRs day after due date.

Lspry said...

#1. I want one of those cupcakes.
#2. yes, you both look a little "unsure" if you will in that picture...but I loved it.
#3. I can not wait to meet RJR... maybe that should have been #1 (ykyfw)!!

Brie said... the photo. :) What if you go into labor at work next week?! RJR will arrive when he's good & ready. Wish I could be there! XO

Tara Holmes said...

I LOVE this picture. Steve looks like he's like "alright already baby boy. I want to meet you!" I was a week late--I know what you're feeling right now. :) LOVE YOU.

Lyndsy said...

That picture of you and Steve is really funny but sweet at the same time! I am really crossing my fingers that RJR decides to arrive TODAY!!! I am amazed you are still at work (although nice that you are close to Overlake!)

morganbors said...

I think that is a really cute pic of you two...and now I REALLY want a cupcake :-)

Rosellini said...

You kill me! I really want to get Bossy Pants too! Fingers are crossed for RJR to arrive shortly!!!