Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Other Love { Bend, Oregon }

I love this beautiful town in Central Oregon so much that I drive 5-6 hours (on a traffic-crazed, 3-day weekend) by myself to visit. As most of you know, it's home to some of my most favorite people - the Blyths...and sometimes I just need an Ava, Miles, Galen and Megs fix. The time spent in the car, was worth every second once I arrived and got to cuddle with these two monkeys.

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Mid-way through the weekend, I told Megs this was my favorite trip (so far) to Bend. We'll be back in one month for the Sunriver Half Marathon, so maybe that will be my new favorite trip...we shall see. This weekend was spent taking pictures, drinking, laughing (a lot), listening to old school rap (per Galen's request), pedicures, shopping, BBQ'ing, dancing to Princess and the Frog, snuggling on the couch...just what I had hoped for.


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Sunday Morning: Me on the guest room bed...sound asleep (slightly hungover...mouthguard still in)
Ava: Coffey (with a tap on the shoulder)...Hey Coffey you have dots on your face
Me: huh?
Ava: You have little dots on your face
Me: Yes, Ava those are freckles
Ava: Coffey they're beautiful
* Seriously, how precious is this girl?

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While I was away, Steve stayed home to attend a friends birthday party and work on the yard and around the house. To make up for the time apart, we went out for dinner and saw Iron Man 2 (really enjoyed it). And here's a good "You Know You're Fat When"...he had a coupon for a free popcorn, but decided he was too full from dinner to eat it during the movie so as we're leaving the theater he got his popcorn to go...weird?


Blyth Family Blog said...

ahhhh, the best weekend yet! I am SO excited to see you next month and do it all over again, with Stevie this time!!
Love the pics, I'm so lucky to have such a talented best friend! Ava looked through them all this morning and asked to see them again and you think she loves herself or what?
We miss you!

The Johnsons said...

Love this post! Great pictures, love Ava's comment about your freckles and absolutely LOVE that Steve got his popcorn to go.

Lyndsy said...

I love that Blyth family. Could they be any more picture perfect? I think not. Glad you had such a great weekend away! Love the pics you captured of the family and what a sweet little Ava (although my favorite part is that she calls you Coffey!).

Also Steve's YKYFW made me chuckle!

Kris said...

My heart just melted reading Ava's quote!! What a darling, darling girl!! And... your freckles are beautiful. :)

Megan, Ryan & Addi said...

LOVE.IT! Please, can Addi and I drive down with you next time? What a fun weekend with a fabulously beautiful family. Love Ava's thoughts on your freckles! But my fave is that Steve got the popcorn to go...can't pass up free popcorn!!

Alexis Gradwohl said...

Seriously next time you go... I want to head down there with you. I know that Hayden and Ava would be two peas in a pod. And then you, me and Megs could have some serious fun! As always, love the pictures you took of the Blyth family.

Jen said...

Amazing pics! Gorgeous little family and so sweet that you make such an effort to be part of their lives. What a great friend you are! said...

Love your post on Bend! Let's go for Christmas =) Ava is adorable with her comments. Movie theater popcorn is too good to pass up. I like Stevey's style...I would do the same thing. How about my Monday morning YKYFW....I bent over to put my boots on and ripped a huge hole in my jeans. UGH!!!

Brooke said...

My other loves coffey and Meg.

Rosellini said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Ava is adorable and love love love the popcorn story!