Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's a Love/Hate Relationship...

with Costco

Love because the prices are unbeatable and the products superb.

Hate when Steve shops alone and comes home with way more than needed...and of course, there are always a few unnecessary products.

I married into a family that is quite possibly more in love with Costco than with me (just kidding Mo...I know you love me more than the biscotti)

Here are a few of my current favorites...

Costco collage

1. Blue Diamond Almonds - Bold Habanero BBQ: If you've been to my house in the past month you've probably been forced to taste test these goodies - best.flavored.almonds.ever (probably not the healthiest, but definitely a good treat)

2. SunPix - Hearts of Palm: Currently, my favorite salad accessory

3. Veggie Crunchers: Great little snack - but don't eat them too fast or too many at a time as they're a bit starchy and may cause heartburn.

4. Kirkland Signature - Whole Dried Blueberries: Perfect to eat along or on top of vanilla ice cream

5. Bom Dia - Acai Berry juices: If you're not already on teh Acai kick, try out this sweet drink - excellent source of antioxidants

6. Kirkland Signature - Bath Tissue: 36 individually wrapped rolls for $21! Probably the best deal at Costco.

7. ECOS - Laundry Detergent: Been using this for about 3 years now and love it! Earth friendly, smells great and most importantly gets the stains out of Steve's work jeans.

8. Mini Bell Peppers: Easy to pack for lunch and the perfect healthy snack.

9. Brothers-All-Natural Crisps: Perfect on-the-go snack for adults and kids. The variety pack includes Fiji apples, strawberry/banana combo and pears.


The Johnsons said...

Why do you get all healthy stuff at Costco? My cart looks completely different than yours. . . chips, cookies, soda and candy! :-)

Michelle said...

Ha! Me too! I thought it was going to be all chips, crackers, drinks, large quantities of meat...wow, you are an excellent Costco shopper Mrs. Rinakitty!

Marge said...

The veggie crunchers are DOPE! I usually dont grab a cart in fear that I will purchase more than my 650 sqft apartment can handle. Those nuts look good - perhaps an app at tonights socal? :)

Megan, Ryan & Addi said...

The nuts are now a regular in our cart...Addi always wants the fruit crisps ever since having them at your house...and I will now be trying ECOS! No wonder the Cashman's hit it off with the Rinabarger's--they love Costco more than anything too!!

Lyndsy said...

I also LOVE hearts of palm on my salads. Costco = trouble always!

Tara Holmes said...

So healthy you are love it!

Alexis Gradwohl said...

Costco is my second home... I don't leave that damn place under $200 each time... and I go there weekly! Hayden loves the apple crisps and blueberries! I haven't seen the veggie crunches, I think I'll need to find them next time. And the nuts looks yummy too!

Team Gibson said...

So, what the heck are Veggie Crunchers?? Chip/crisp/raw veggie? Could I feed them to my kids or will I end up eating the whole bag first? Always looking for something new :)

Erin said...

Clarification...Our Costco cart is not always the healthy items - ummmm have you tried the macadamia nut clusters?? Amazing!

Lynds - I honestly remember the day I learned about hearts of palm - during lunch at the old food court in Century City and my salads have forever been better.

Anna - Veggie Crunchers are true to their name and definitely have a hard crunch to them, so I'm not sure how well your girls would enjoy them, but I promise you won't regret it. Eat the entire bag if you want...they're healthy! :)