Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome to your 30s...

...Mrs Grout-Blyth...no need to be sad about it...30 looks fabulous on you...


On Saturday night, we hosted Megs 30th birthday party at The Mission in West Seattle. The area we had reserved, with a private bartender, ended up being perfect for our group. The party lasted way too late/early morning and made for a rough Easter with the family, but it was completely worth it. I know Megs was very excited and thankful for all of her friends that came out to celebrate her special day with her. Next year, I think we should get the group back together and celebrate her 31st in Bend.









Jamie made red velvet cupcakes and key lime pie cupcakes - per usual, they were delish and well-deserving of the high five some guests gave each other when they tried them out


No animals were harmed. First "new friend" photo - Megs and I finally got to meet/reconnect with one of our favorite bloggers - Loosy. Just a pointer: On the rare occasion that you do get to meet someone you've blogstalked...don't repeat their entire life back to them...one too many drinks may have caused this to happen in my instance - still hoping I didn't embarrass myself too much.



Happy 30th Mama - love you!


Megan, Ryan & Addi said...

I love so many things about this post...but I hate that I missed out on the celebration! Happy Birthday Megs! I'm glad your night was fabulous! And Loosy...if you're reading this...I stalk you too and am jealous of my bff that she got to meet the real you. I requested an autograph and she came back with a picture and your phone number. Glad you ladies had fun. I will not miss 31 in Bend!

Lyndsy said...

Cute pics! Your hair looks so glamorous! Loving Steve new gruff, Grout of course looks amazingly gorgeous! Glad ya'll had such a great night!

Stacie said...

Yay, what a fun birthday for Mrs. B! Wish we could've been there!!

Blyth Family Blog said...

I have such a wonderful best friend :) That picture of us 3 blog nerds is so gross of me and the kitty cat. You and Brooke look good at least! ha.
Such a fun night, thanks so much for throwing such an awesome party and thanks for James for the cupcakes and thanks to EVERYONE for coming! What a blast. I'm STILL recovering though. I am getting old.

The Haigh's said...

Nice pics Coff - I feel like you were the party pic girl that night & Happy Birthday Megs, welcome. So funny about Brooke - I think everyone stalks her...

Tara Holmes said...

Sooo fun!! Love my birthday twin! Grout looks so tiny...so jealous. Looks like fun and what is that sick sinned thing you have celebrating with you????

Jen said...

Happy belated 30th, M! Great pics Erin! Looks like a fun night and I will confess, I also stalk Loosy although I did actually meet her before she became famous ;).

Loosy said...

Coffey, Baby Steps, Jen...I'm flattered by your words. Let's be honest though, I was a tad awkward at Meg's party (which btw, 30 looks amazing on you Meg. Damn you and your clavical bone)...standing there with my lezbo mom haircut, a swollen, flared face, riding coffey's coat tails all night. There was a lot of nervous giggles, followed by my pint glass immediately hitting my lips, followed by nervous giggles. Oh. And can we ALSO talk about how I was the random sweaty girl. There's always one in the bunch. Awesome.

Anynovelofacomment, thank you Coffey for inviting me. Thank you Meghan for turning 30. Thank you blogger for making connections.

PS - Also, thank you shot of vodka that was taken an hour before my arrival. I can't imagine how much MORE awkward I would have been if it wasn't for you.

Loosy Out

Blyth Family Blog said...

You're very welcome. I'm glad my turning 30 made such an impact on your life. Whats a clavical bone?
I'm also not sure about what you mean when you said bloated, lezbo haircut and being so sweaty? I must've been really drunk cause I didn't notice any of those on your beautiful self.
I hope you know how famous you've become. And to think...I went to highschool with you, WOW, I am so so so cool to have known you for so long. Come to think of it...maybe you should've dated me instead of Zach Galfano.