Friday, April 9, 2010

No plans yet for Sunday morning?

How about a little exercise? Come join Margie and I for a 12K run (that's only 7.46 miles...for those of you wondering) with the Seattle Seahawks to benefit the Renton-Skyway Boys & Girls Club.

Seahawks 12K run logo

If you'd like to join our team (Register Here) or if you'd like to come out and cheer us on, let us know - we'd love to see you along the course.

marge and me


Tara Holmes said...

Sounds great! My fat would be jiggling along with you for 7 miles if I was there. Have fun. Go Hawks!

Loosy said...

Get it girls, get it.

Stacie said...

You gals will do great!! Marge, don't let her talk the entire way - apparently she's known for that :)
Kick ass, take that order!

Lyndsy said...

Way to go girls! So great that you accomplished it!