Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just add Diet Coke

To a box of chocolate cake mix and you've got a delicious chocolate cake!

No eggs, no oil and no water needed.
Combine the chocolate cake mix and can of Diet Coke
Bake as directed on box

diet coke cake


To maintain the "healthiness" of the cake, add fat free cool whip rather than frosting.

I didn't believe Steve the first time he made this recipe, but I've made it a few times since and have received excellent reviews.


MegRyan said...

Yeah right! I don't believe you! Now I need to pick up a box of chocolate cake on my way home!

The Petyos said...

I've done this with white cake and sprite, and then you put frozen berries on top before you bake it. Add some Cool Whip when it's done and you have a "healthy cobbler."

aimee heff said...

Interesting.... I will try it for sure.

I wonder who thought this up? How did that happen exactly? "Oh, no eggs. Let's put some Diet Coke in instead." Huh?