Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Annual Trip to Bozeman

This year marks my third annual, summer trip out to Bozeman, MT to visit the Johnsons and the Weedins.  The difference between this year and years past is that Steve joined me for the first time and rather than flying, we drove...11 hours straight through with a 3 month old.  I was a bit nervous subjecting Raleigh to this 650 mile ride, but Jenny assured me that everything would be fine and right she was...he did great.  She's made this same drive many times with her girls so I knew we could do it.  Besides for all of our wonderful friends that live in Bozeman, there's just something extra special about this beautiful place.  I love the small-town feel, the surrounding mountains, the rivers, the people, the 360 degree unbelievable view, the restaurants, the beers, the die-hard MSU Bobcat fans - you get the idea.  This trip was planned last summer when Dusty & Gina hired Steve and I to shoot their wedding...I shot their engagement in Bozeman last summer.  I used to say that Maui was the most beautiful place to tie the knot since that is where I was married, but after witnessing my first Bozeman wedding my mind may have been changed.  Here is a photo recap of our trip and a shot from the wedding.

Sunrise view of the Bridgers from the Johnsons guest bedroom at 5am when we got into town on Thursday morning

Palisades Falls hike at Hyalite

Music on Main

Jenny, me and Ali at The Cannery aka the first real bar that Raleigh ever hung out in...babies are allowed in the bars in MT.

Raleigh, Greta, Maddy, Brekken and Taylor
Jenny and Nick's guest bedrom had the perfect natural lighting for a little photoshoot of our little man.

Sunset from Cle Elum on our drive home

The lovely Mr. & Mrs. Daws

I'm already looking forward to Bozeman 2012 and hopefully a side-trip through Yellowstone.  A huge Thank You to Jenny, Nick, Maddy and Taylor for letting us stay with you - we had such a great time! 


Megan, Ryan, Addi & Brady said...

Beautiful photos! I think we better plan a trip to Bozeman in 2012!

The Johnsons said...

Yes you better Megan! You NEED to come visit us. Miss you guys. Hurry up and come back!

Brady Andrew Weedin said...

Miss you guys already!! What a fun weekend--you guys did such a great job with the photos...the Daws fam was totally impressed!! :)

Carpinito Family said...

Holy smokes he is a doll Coffey!! Love love those pics!