Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Season is in Full Swing

It's no secret, I LOVE Christmas and everything about it...actually I take that back...the one thing I don't love is the Christmas Shoes song. If the options in a game of "Would you Rather" were to listen to Christmas Shoes on repeat OR listen to nails on chalkboard for an hour - I'd pick the latter. Is that mean to say I don't like a Chistmas song? Hopefully, this comment doesn't prevent Santa from showing up at my house this year. As I've mentioned before, I have my Pandora set to Christmas music, all day, everyday so it was of no surprise to me when an email appeared from Pandora today asking me to take a Christmas music survey. I thought the questions were kinda cute and figured I'd here you go...(if you're bored, I'd love to see what your answers are - I've put an * next to mine)

What song would you most like to hear while being kissed under a Mistletoe?
Santa Baby
*All I Want for Christmas is You
I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
A Holly Jolly Christmas

What song would send you running out of the mall store the quickest?
Anything sung by a Muppet
*Anything sung by a Chipmunk
All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth

What song is most likely to make you book tickets home for Christmas?
I'll Be Home for Christmas
Wonderful Christmastime
*It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
Orinoco Flow by Enya

Where do you most like hearing holiday music?
*At home in front of a fire
In the car
In the mall
While shopping for gifts online
Outside, Christmas tree shopping

What holiday song are you most likely to sing along to?
Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer
Frosty the Snowman
*It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Silver Bells
Hells Bells by AC/DC

Overall, holiday music makes you feel:
Full of Good Cheer

After recomendations from a couple of friends, I finally make the trek out to Trader Joes in Kirkland (Higher-ups of TJ's: if you're reading this, PLEASE bring one to Kent!!) and bought the Chewy Eggnog Cookies - honestly, the most chewy delicious-ness ever...the box needs to be taken away from me, but I think baby is really enjoying them and who steals from a baby? I also caved and bought the Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Butter Cookies and I'll be giving those a taste test tonight...the name alone scares me, but I can't pass up a new treat.

Each year we add new ornaments to our collection from trips we've gone on throughout the year. This year we added about four different boat ornaments bought during our trip back east - any sailboat or fishing boat we come across is usually purchased. BUT the coolest ornament on our tree this year was a gift from my brother-in-laws girlfriend Chelsea - how cute and thoughtful is this??


Lynne said...

Love the ornament. That's so cute.

Melissa Moore said...

I love your ornament. And if you are anything like me...this ornament thing will become one of the things you look forward to each year. Both my kids love seeing the ornaments we have picked through the years.

Lyndsy said...

Super cute ornament. The salted chocolate carmel cookies are pretty tasty but they ain't got nothing on the minty mallows!

I can't believe you do not like chimpmunk choices are very similar to you but i would say all i want for christmas is my two front teeth would send me running.

can't wait to see you in a few weeks friend!

Stacie said...

That's cute! Your mane looks lovely on an ornament!!

Brooke said...

Have you tried eating a jar of marshmellow fluff, followed by a carton of egg nog? Do it.

Love your ornament. It reminds me of the bobble head I made of you...errrrrrrrrrrrr

Brooke said...

PS - The bobble head I made of you totally does not sit on my dashboard. And I don't have a 30x45 glossy of you framed above my bed.

carry on.

Blyth Family Blog said...

I'm glad you didn't choose Anything By a Muppet, because Ava, Miles, AND GALEN may not be your friend anymore. Yup, you hear it, Galen can belt out any John Denver and the Muppets song you ask..on key I might ad.
Gross on the Egg Nogg cookies. That makes me want to barf almost as much as Rootbeer!! :) But, I did pick up some gingerbread men from TJ's that are amazing!!!
Love the cute ornament, what a great gift!! Love you friend!

Blyth Family Blog said...

ps..even though I find the thought of nutmeg cookies repulsive...that pic you took with the boxes and tree behind is BEAUTIFUL! maybe you can get a job as an ad photographer!!

Kelly said...

What are you taking about? Chipmunks rock!