Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekend Update...

...with Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers

weekend update

I wish my weekend involved Amy and Seth...in fact, if I could choose 10 celebrity best friends, these two would definitely be on that list.
Despite the fact that Amy and Seth will most likely never play a roll in my weekend, I had an excellent weekend. Saturday night was spent celebrating Court and my birthdays at the back bar at Bastille in Ballard - if you've never been, go now...or for your next date night or girls night. The food is delicious and the ambiance perfect.  The night was spent with a few of my favorite girls - Court, Rothie, Delane, Jamie, Ruthie, Cabe, Michelle and Crystal. Dinner, drinks and catching up with these girls was the perfect wrap-up to my birthday celebrations.



Saturday morning I had a photoshoot, ran errands and saw a movie with Steve...errrrr...Jackass 3D. I'm not gonna lie, it wasn't the most thought provoking, inspiring or educational movie ever, but it was pretty darn funny.
Sunday we went to our first Hawks game of the year and had a great time...mainly because of the win, but also because we got to spend some time with our friends Lynne and Joey and ran into a bunch of other people we knew from college. Thank you Marge for the find on the undercovered seats! The rain on Sunday was the type of weather that I think out-of-towners believe to be the typical "Seattle weather." Thankfully, our seats were undercover, but the walk back to King St. Station was WET - torrential downpour kind of wet, but it was all worth it to see our team clench the top spot in the NFC West.
matt collage

hawks collage

hawks2 collage

A favorite game to play during the game is "Where's Marge?" Marge works for the Hawks, therefore, she's at every.single.home.game - always to the stadium bright and early and always dressed to the nines. She is usually in the same spot, so finding her isn't too difficult, but this time we had our 300mm zoom lens so we had to take of pic of her in action.
marge collage


Tara Holmes said...

I love the game "Where's Marge" like "Where's Waldo"! Looks like a fun Seattle weekend. Joey and Lynne look so cute in their Hawk gear and all you new mommies (minus Michelle and Crystal who look smokin') look so pretty. :)

Lyndsy said...

I love "Where's Marge" too! What a nice weekend you had. Glad you dinner with the girls was delish and tasty.

Marge said...

LOL, that is too funny. I need to move around more so its harder... stakes need to be raised! so glad you guys had a good time and we juan! XO

Lynne said...

I love playing "Where's Marge." I wont a gift card last year finding her before Joey :)
So fun to hang out with you guys on Sunday. Glad you were able to sit right behind us.

Silver Strands said...

Haha! Where's Marge cracks me up. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Your blog is adorable!

Michelle said...

What a fun weekend! My face looks weird and like plastic in that pic though, like I belong on RHOBH...gross! Cute pics from the Hawks game too!

Blyth Family Blog said...

Marge, you can't wear that green jacket next time, it's way too easy to spot you.
Fun weekend...we'll have to go there with our life partner brookie poo next time I'm in town..and I'll complain about how far out it is the entire trip there and back.
Can't wait to see you in TWO DAYS!!!

Lauren said...

Fun weekend! Sad I missed out on birthday night at Bastille...glad you gals had fun. Miss you all already!

DeLane & Kevin & Parker Lilly said...

Love the where's Marge!! Lol;) AND I loved seeing you too this weekend!

The Johnsons said...

Ok - you just made me miss Seahawks games....slightly. Glad you guys were under cover for the rainy weather. Miss you!