Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oregon Coast or Bust...


Seaside, Oregon :: 07/04/07


I've been anxious for this day for quite a while now - in just a couple short hours, we will hit the road and head down to Gearhart, Oregon for Kristi and Todd's wedding weekend festivities. It feels like forever ago that Steve and I went with Kristi and Todd to check out a potential wedding location at McMenimans in Gearhart on New Years day this year. Well, the time has finally arrived and I can not wait to be a part of their wedding. And to top it off, the weather is supposed to be picture perfect which will work out nicely for Steve, as he is the hired wedding photographer for the day. He's been so excited ever since Kristi and Todd asked him to do this and from the books he has read and research that has been done, I know he is taking this task quite serious. I'm hoping that in between doing my duties as a bridesmaid that I'll get to snap a few as well.

Happy 4th of July and a all of my love to Kristi and Todd on their big day!

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Tara Holmes said...

Fun! We vacationed in Lincoln City every year. What a fun 4th of July wedding, can't wait to see pics. Go Steve!