Friday, July 24, 2009

Downtown { Seattle } Sailing Series


Last night I participated in my very first Elliott Bay Downtown Sailing Series and could not have requested better weather than what we had out on the Sound. I guess most sailors would have wished for better winds, but I was perfectly content sitting on the bow of this 47' Moody sailboat (apparently, there are only three on the west coast and they're all at Elliott Bay Marina) taking in the views. The smell of Puget Sound was I scent I missed for years, but last night it was in full effect. I've decided that this scent plus a BBQ is a perfect combination. I had a great time with Steve, our friends Lil, Kelly, Amy and Peter (it's his dads boat aka Captain Andy). Steve, as well as my friends Kris and Diggy, take part in Duck Dodge every Tuesday and then attempt to take in as many of the Sailing Series events as possible and I just don't get how they do it - it's a lot of work for a weeknight.








The Petyos said...

So pretty! I miss my "home" so much, especially in the summer!!

Lyndsy said...

These pictures are just incredible! Glad you had so much fun!!

Tara Holmes said...

Pretty pictures. Now you just need a perfect nautical outfit. :)

Kris said...

I never saw you out there. :( Did you guys go do the BBQ afterwards?

Brady Andrew Weedin said...

Awesome!! Those are amazing pictures!! al

Marge said...

GREAT shots of the boats WOW!