Friday, June 5, 2009

{ Crazy } Beautiful Weather

The weather in Seattle has been anything but normal. Record breaking temperatures in the 90s the first week of June?? Unheard of! And in my world - IDEAL! { fingers crosses this is the sign of a HOT summer }. From reading my posts, you can probably tell that I am a sun-worshiper. I LOVE when the sun comes out and if the sun is not out in my "neck of the woods" (in the words of Al Roker), I will travel towards the sun. This love of mine was definitely passed down to both my sister and I from my mom. I rarely have ever heard my mom complain that the weather is "too hot" even when she was visiting the desert in Dubai a couple months ago she said it was warm but never too hot.

Last night after working out, Steve and I enjoyed a picnic down at Medina Beach. The temperatures were still in the low 80s/high 70s at 7:30pm so it was perfect for dinner outside near the water. Shortly after we finished eating, a random storm from the south started to head north - it was so bizarre to see such a change in the weather system so fast. And of course Steve being the avid sailor/boater that he is, he immediately started explaining to me the ways that sailors know how to read the weather systems and know when to change directions. At this point, the wind was so crazy that my direction was towards the car while he captured a few more photos. These photos are SOOC (straight out of the camera aka zero edits) and are in sequential order. The first is so dark because the sun was still behind the dark high clouds, the second is just as the sun is setting and the third was after sunset and looking to the south towards Leschi Marina.

Stormy sunset3

Stormy sunset2

Stormy sunset1

I loved every bit of last night and look forward to spending A LOT of time outdoors this summer.
• • Happy Friday • •


Michelle said...

So pretty! CRAZIEST weather last night! I was like a storm tracker looking out in every direction from my place last night watching the storm come in. I absolutely LOVE summer storms. I can't tell if that's a "you know you're old when" or "you know you're a loser when"? :(

Lyndsy said...

Great photos! I love that you and Steve had a picnic in Medina together. So romantic.