Friday, January 2, 2009

Onward to 2009

2008 was an exceptional year, but I am ready and willing to embrace the new year! For many reasons, I am more excited about 2009 than any past year. For one, I will be getting married NEXT MONTH and a second major milestone is that I will be turning 30 and like my dear friend Carrie, I am learning to accept (and maybe even like) the idea of turning a year older.

Here are a few of my goals/resolutions for 2009:

1. Try out new recipes. I love to cook, but too often will find an excuse to make the same familiar dinner or appetizer. My personal favorite cookbook, introduced to me by my dad (who I consider an excellent chef) is America's Test Kitchen - endless recipes and includes very detailed instructions and tips.

2. Learn new crafts. I've realized over the past year (especially with the wedding projects I've taken on) that I truly enjoy crafting. It relaxes me and forces me to focus on just that one thing rather than the millions of other thoughts I have going through my mind.

3. Read more often. Rather than consuming my evenings with TV, I want to start reading more. Currently enthralled in the Twilight series.

4. Make use of our trailer. (preferably in the warmer weather months) This is a joint goal with Steve. He spent the money and many long hours to perfect our "second home." Therefore, we must get out and enjoy it. I received this book for Christmas and can't wait to finalize the plans for our next destination. I was shocked to realize during our drive to Oregon this week, that there are quite a few cities and towns in WA that I've never even heard of i.e. (Arctic and Brooklyn...huh?). I need to get out there and explore my home state!!

5. Take more photos. As a Christmas/early wedding gift from my future-in-laws, we received a new camera that I am now officially obsessed with. I would love the opportunity to take more photos of families and children - please contact me if interested ☺

This list is only a snippet of what I plan to accomplish this year, but like Jamie and Shelby, I hope that publishing this list will help remind me of a few of my goals throughout the year.

I am raising my water bottle (unfortunately at work, otherwise it would be a glass of champagne) and toasting all of you and wishing you each a fabulous year full of LOVE, Adventure, Health and Happiness.

And to wrap this up, I'm including one of my most favorite images we captured this year, which happened to also be taken during one of the most memorable moments of my life.


Haleakala sunrise, Maui


Troy and Ashley said...

Happy New Year Erin! I think those resolutions are great and definitely seem achievable. In regards to resolution #5 - remember I already have you booked when the baby gets here.

aimee heff said...

Great resolutions and AMAZING picture. Seriously it was breathtaking.

Happy New Year!

Brady Andrew Weedin said...

You know you're always welcome to explore the beautiful state of Montana in your trailer too!!! :) al