Monday, January 5, 2009

Cabin in the Woods

When I think of a remote cabin in the woods, I have a million different thoughts of what it might all include. After spending New Year's in Seaside, Oregon at our friend Todd's family cabin, I now have the perfect image to fit my description. It was the coziest cabin, (just steps from the river) with all the cabin-like necessities and most importantly, a wood burning fireplace. We weren't in complete seclusion in the woods, but it sure felt like it.

Cabin collage

Late Tuesday night, we drove down to Seaside - we had only planned on staying one night and then continuing on to visit the Blyth's cabin in Detroit Lake (which is where we spent the last NYE), but the drive was just too long so we ended up staying both nights with Todd and Kristi at the cabin which is 2.5 miles east of the ocean.

The river before and after a day and night of pouring rain

River collage

I hadn't been to Seaside in years so it was fun to see how the small town had changed. (For those of you that are familiar with Seaside, the arcade is exactly the same except for rearranging of a few of the games.) While the guys spent a few hours fly fishing on the Necanicum River, Kristi and I walked a few miles along the beach. That afternoon, we drove down to Manzanita, had a drink at the local bar and then ate dinner at The Lumberyard in Canon Beach. After eating a delicious dinner, we headed back to the cabin, played a few rounds of Clue, and celebrated midnight with champagne - the perfect NYE in my mind.


On New Year's Day we checked out a potential wedding location for Kristi and Todd at Gearhart by the Sea - since our visit, this location has now been confirmed and wedding plans are in full-swing for the two of them! I'm so excited for their summer wedding on the coast! On our way out of Oregon, we stopped by Fort Stevens, to check it out for a potential future camping locaton - it's the Summer.


Ceiling of the cabin - Maybe it's just me (wishing we had sunshine), but I thought the ceiling looked like the sun.



Troy and Ashley said...

Sounds nice and relaxing - cozy cabins are the best.

Michelle said...

I love that cabin! So cute, looks like it was fun! :)

Laura Sleasman said...

Your pictures look great. I can't wait for the wedding! I love that there is so much love in the air.

Jocelyn said...

hi erin!
thanks for you note on my blog:) congrats on your upcoming wedding.. the invites were amazing. can't wait to see pics from your big day.