Wednesday, November 12, 2008

If you happen to be in Kent, WA anytime soon

You should definitely consider purchasing your gasoline during this visit. Here's a snap-shot of the price Steve paid last night. Granted, this price is with the $0.10 discount with the Safeway Club Card, but it may just be worth it.

During this (possibly rare, for some of you) trip to Kent, you should also check out Fondi at Kent Station and enjoy the BEST pizza outside of Italy. I realize BEST is a bold statement when it comes to pizza, but it's the truth. With the group I was with, we shared a couple bottles of wine, the Tuscan White Bean Spread, the Bella Chopped Salad, the Gustoso pizza, the Prosciutto & Argula pizza and pistachio gelato. Delectable meal and excellent service - I will definitely be back soon!


Baby Carpinito said...

Yeah...a plug for our neck of the woods! The gas is amazing and Fondi is one of our favorites! Kent is getting better and better...not exactly at the pace I would like to see but being a Carpinito I have signed up for Kent for life! ;o)

Troy and Ashley said...

Yum - that sound so wonderful!

Michelle said...

Told ya! So good huh!? And for those of us not in Kent, there is one in across from U-Village :)