Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted...Did You??

I normally have a tough time getting out of bed, but this morning was different because I was excited about voting. I was worried it was going to be packed, but I was able to walk right up to one of the electronic machines and VOTE! No stickers available at my locations - bogus! After voting I went to Starbucks and got my FREE drip coffee for voting. I've never ordered drip coffee from anywhere in my life, so this was a new experience for me. I find it kind of crazy that we are rewarded for voting when there are people in other countries that would give just about anything for the ability to vote.

P.S. I was a bit shocked to see the red holiday Starbucks cups already out - here's my first (of many) of the holiday season!

It's only 9:30 and I feel like I've already accomplished so much.

This just in...I was just talking to a co-worker that said Starbucks can not legally "bribe" people to vote by giving away free coffee. Therefore, even if you choose not to vote (in my opinion, I don't understand why you wouldn't) you will get a free starbucks.

From Starbucks: IMPORTANT: To ensure that we are in compliance with election law, we are extending our offer to all customers who request a tall brewed drip


MegRyan said...

Yayyy for voting...and for free coffee!

Troy and Ashley said...

Too bad it's not a free latte.

Lyndsy said...

Was shocked also about my first red cup of the season and felt fantastic after voting!