Monday, August 25, 2008

Current Read

Besides for gossip, fashion and work-out mags, I have been horrible reader over the past few months and decided it was time to grab a good book and get right back into it. That is exactly what I did yesterday on the dreariest Sunday we've had in a LONG time. As It poured rain outside, I sat on our comfy couch and read for almost five hours - I loved it! After laundry, working out and cleaning, it was the prefect way to spend my Sunday afternoon
The book I chose is called The Pirates Daughter by Margaret Cezair-Thompson (no, I did not choose this book due to my fiance's fascination with Pirates, I'm one of those people that usually chooses a book based on the cover). Considering, how much time I spent reading yesterday, I am thoroughly enjoying this book and, thus far, would highly recommend it. On, I found better reviews than anything I could ever write.
Besides for just reading and relaxing, I think I was also still recovering from my ten year reunion on Friday night, which turned out to be much more exciting than I had anticipated. It was great to reconnect with people I had not seen since the day we graduated.

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