Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Showered with Love

Two weekends ago my aunt Kathleen and one of my mom's closest friends, Sheila, hosted a baby shower for Raleigh and I at my aunt's house with all of my aunts and my mom's girlfriends. There were about 18 women that attended and absolutely spoiled my baby boy and I with so much love and fabulous gifts. I've always told my parents how fortunate my sister and I are that we were raised among their incredible group of friends, but it's times like this when everyone comes together that you truly see how special of a bond this relationship is - thank you to everyone that was able to attend!

Erin shower collage


erin shower collage1

erin shower collage2

This past weekend was my shower with twenty of my mother-in-laws friends and Steve's aunts, hosted by the fabulous Alison and Carol Becker, but unfortunately I don't think any photos were taken. Just as my sister and I have been so fortunate being raised around such a wonderful "village" of our parents friends, Steve and his brother Scott have had the exact same relationship with their parents friends. The similarities between my parents friends and Mike & Mo's friends is pretty remarkable. My cup (and Raleigh's) overfloweth. Thank you for already spoiling my boy with love.


Lyndsy said...

oh coffey i am so excited to see you all prego in these pics! you look so cute and what a lucky lady you are!!

Brady Andrew Weedin said...

Wow amazing shower food!! I love all these shower pics!! I had so much fun during the showers with my mom's friends & Jeff's mom's friends--they are such a blast!