Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blog has not been abandoned...

...I've just been slacking a bit, but that does not indicate the slightest bit of laziness. My time has just been taken up by a ton of other things...

→ 5 day trip to SoCal { let's just say we put over 700 miles on the rental car and covered a lot of ground } I'll have a recap on that soon

→ Sister, Brother-in-Law and friends birthdays

→ Photoshoots/Editing

→ GORGEOUS wedding (and a stay at the W Hotel downtown) for my dear friend Karissa and her handsome husband Matt

→ Training - for a half marathon...errrrr my training level should be at about a 10 with 3 days to go until the race, but I'm feeling like I'm at a 5...honestly GASPED out loud and heart started racing when I printed off the Mercer Island course map yesterday. The island is HUGE, the course is the entire perimater. I'll be running with my cousin Brenna and her boyfriend who are flying up from San Diego and we're running in memory and honor of our Aunt Mary that passed away a few years ago from colon cancer. Speaking of running, I completed my first (and date) full marathon a year ago tomorrow!

MI half

→ And as of today...the constant distraction of March Madness - best.distraction.! Thus far, one bracket is on fire...the other needs a few more upsets.



Tara Holmes said...

excuses, excuses, Beanie! You're busy! Slow and steady wins the race with the 1/2 Marathon. ) xo

The Sievers said...

Oooh....good luck in your race! I'm always so impressed with you runner types! See you soon!

Blyth Family Blog said... didn't mention the FULL MARATHON you promised to run with me here in Sunriver JUNE 26...ring any bells???