Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quad { 30th } Birthday Party

With four of our good girlfriends turning 30 all in the month of February, we decided to do a combined party for these lovely ladies at Kell's in Post Alley last weekend. Lynds flew in from LA (along with Avery, Christy and Lori) and Laura few up from Northern CA to celebrate their "Quad-City-Bday" with Wexler and Spry. I always love that Steve is so willing to take photos at these get-togethers with our friends, but unfortunatley out of the 185 photos, this is all we got that are post-worthy...


Steve and Erik drinking Absinthe at the Polar Bar (bar at the hotel)

We started out the night by meeting up with Carrie and Erik (who flew in from DC for the party) at The Arctic Club Hotel, which is where the four of us had booked rooms for the night. We met up in the lobby for a couple of drinks, got ready and then headed out for a delicious dinner at the Pink Door. After dinner and a couple of bottles of champagne, we met up with every (just across the alleyway) at Kells. The night was a blast! So fun to catch up with friends from college that I hadn't seen in years. After the party, we headed back to the luxurious hotel with the Reynolds. Carrie was off to London in the morning for work and Erik back to DC...or at least he thought, until his flight was cancelled due to snow and he ended up coming to our house for for the night and to watch the Super Bowl with the Rinabarger's, Roth, Cheryl, Jamie, Spry, Avery and Lynds.
I love weekends with friends in town, but I'm so sad when they all leave...we definitely need to get our next adventure on the calendar soon!



The Reynolds




* If you're looking for a hotel room for a night or a weekend in downtown Seattle, I HIGHLY recommend The Arctic Club. The rooms are large and beautifully decorated with an early 1900's style. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We enjoyed a very reasonably priced and delicious brunch, the following morning at their restaurant, Juno.


Lyndsy said...

Great pic of you and Steve! It was such a fun weekend and I am just so glad that we got to see your darling house! I also enjoyed some Absynthe with Mr. R! He's the go to guy for it! XO

Shelby said...

So fun! Wish I was there. Great shot of you and Steve!