Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August Discount { Heads-Up }

I have quite a bit of photo editing and blogging to catch up on, but had to post about the...

:: 20% Off @ Packaging Specialties ::

:: Redmond ::

:: Every Tuesday ::

:: During August ::

I was happily surprised, to learn about this deal today, when I stopped in there today to buy gift wrap, boxes and ribbon. I'm sort of obsessed with wrapping gifts. Sometimes I think I might enjoy wrapping the gifts more than actually giving them.



Emily said...

So wish I was in Seattle! PS is my favorite!

aimee heff said...

Great tip. I didn't even know this store existed so to know that I get 20% off on Tuesdays (I am in Redmond on Tuesdays!) make it even better.

DeLane & Kevin said...

So into wrapping too!! X-mas is a nightmare for Kev as I spend hours wrapping and decorating presents!