Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Getaway to Eastern Washington

After work on Friday, Steve and I packed up the car and drove over to Wenatchee to attend Ruthie and Jeff's wedding in Leavenworth. Delane and Kevin were kind enough to house eight of us at their beautiful home in East Wenatchee. Friday night included quite a few rounds of Speed Scrabble and Sing Star - I think I should probably be banned from ever participating in Sing Star again. Saturday morning, Delane treated us to an excellent breakfast and then we stopped by a friend of their's apple orchard to drop off their two sweet dogs, Timber and Wrigley. The smell of the fresh fall air out in the orchard was wonderful - it reminded me of the fall mornings in Pullman. After enjoying a red delicious apple hand-picked from the tree, we headed down for a tour of downtown Wenatchee and a trip to one of Steve's favorite stores Hooked on Toys - most ecclectic store I've ever been in. They sell things like camping/hunting gear, games, and then a huge selection of childrens toys...strange.
Ruthie and Jeff were married at 3:30 at the beautiful Sleeping Lady lodge in Leavenworth. The two of them are an amazing couple - they compliment each other perfectly and enjoy life to it's fullest. The venue, nestled back in the woods, accompanied by the sunny weather made for a perfect fall wedding. After the wedding festivities came to an end, we headed out to partake in the Oktoberfest celebrations in downtown Leavenworth.

The drive back (very early) this morning was a bit difficult after the late night, but we had to get back for the Seahawks (sad) game. I'm trying to stay positive in regards to football, but it's becoming more and more difficult with my two teams (Cougs and Hawks) playing so poorly.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and congrats again to Ruthie and Jeff Parrish!!


Amy said...

You do know my parents live in Wenatchee now?? The are frequent visitors of the Sleeping Lady. Quite the cozy little place I hear. And Hooked on moms favorite place too!

Erin said...

Amy - Yes, I did know your parents lived in Wenatchee and I'm assuming your brother Mark lives there as well because I saw a sign on a dentist off for Dr. Mark Anderston :) My friends that we stayed with is a dentist as well and said that he recognized your brother name...small world!

Avery Bleu said...

Fun! So jealous of all your fall activities!